The Integration of Structure and Function

Allie Burleson

Certified Rolfer™

Allie Burleson

Allie was born and raised in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains in Boone, NC. Always an outdoorsy girl, Allie spent her adolescent years on the ski slopes racing for local ski mountains while her summers were spent on her family’s organic farm.
Allie’s fascination with the human structure blossomed while studying at Elon University. Between her classes and playing for the Elon Women’s Rugby team, she became more and more interested in how the body was organized and how each part could work with or against the whole structure.
I have seen plenty of chiropractors and massage therapists over the years but nobody has made such dramatic and lasting improvements in my posture. Just after the first sessions, Allie had allowed my shoulders to broaden and relax, my back is upright and I walk with a stride that is more natural and moves fluidly as a whole.
~ J.B. ~
“Stand up straight!” I kept hearing it, but I didn’t know what “straight” was. Then I worked with Allie and it all became clear. And it felt GREAT! Allie is doing exactly what she is meant to do. She is expert, patient and kind. She guides you through the learning process with ease and she was obviously as committed to “fixing” me as I was. If you keep hearing “Stand up straight!” see Allie. You won’t regret it.
~ E.M. ~

What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing Structural Integration offers a combination of hands‐on bodywork and movement education. It manipulates the body’s connective tissue to rebalance the body and bring relief from chronic pain, stress, and injury. Using their fingers, hands and elbows, Rolfers slowly work through deep layers of tissue to change structural patterns in the body by transforming fascial patterns and releasing restrictions. Results can be dramatic, and the process is not necessarily painful as it has been shown to be more effective if the body is more at ease during the work.
Rolfing Alignment